11 January 2011

Spread the WORD. Keep the SECRET.

A devious director. Two, actually.

A daring diva. Her lead actor.

The contravida. Her make-up artist — who knows something about the stage manager — who knows the security guard — who protects the ticket clerk.

A scheming detective. Two actually.

One audition reject — who knows a madman — who knows everybody else.

A politician. His escort. Their secret.

A magazine editor — who hires a bigtime model and three students — who makes some trouble.

The electrician — who knows a ghost — who knows what really happens next.

One big night of stellar performances.

One word.


You can now send in your applications through the SIKAT Online Sign-up.

You may also email us @ up_sikat@yahoo.com or sikatupdiliman@gmail.com

You'll be enjoying our workshops (teambuilding, music, acting, dance, theater production skills, publicity, et cetera) where you can share the stage with the members and be yourself! In fact, you can have the chance to facilitate workshops and teach the members--if you have something new to share! In just a few months, you'll be ready to shine and be SIKAT!

PHOTOS/DESIGN: Martin Vidanes

SOS MODELS: Mickey Eva, Ginx Petterson, Missy Muyot

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